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Thermoclean CX100

We are one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers of Thermoclean CX100. Thermoclean CX100 is highly useful for Boilers, Gasifiers and Furnaces. The Thermoclean CX100 is highly efficient and Effective in wide ranges of temperatures. We supply premium quality Thermoclean CX100 all across the world at the market leading prices.

Key Beneficial Features

  • “Thermoclean CX100” is an innovative product of Achintya Energy (P) Limited, Kanpur formerly known as Achintya Gamut Organic (P) Limited which is being used in various industrial units since a long period without any side effects.
  • It is an interactive complex mixture of various organic and inorganic chemicals which helps in load removal and de-scaling of boilers, heaters and oil furnaces.
  • When added to the fuel, this powdered catalyst vaporizes quickly in the combustible region of the boiler and its vapors impregnate on deposits such as slag, soot and other metal oxide deposits.
  • Once added, it softens the clinkers and makes easier to be cleaned by soot blowing or manual cleaning.
  • The fire side deposit may be loosened and dislodged after few weeks of treatment, hence reducing the frequency of soot blowing.


  • Thermoclean CX100 powder works in an efficacious way only after its volatilization and should therefore be applied to the hottest part of the combustion zone. A suitable powder injector or spray with air can be fitted to cater to the need of applying the powder over the whole part of combustion chamber.
  • In case of liquid fuel, the delivery nozzle/tip should be positioned in such way that the flame pattern is not disturbed. It is not necessary to reduce the boiler loading or in anyway. A simple interface with the operation of the boiler plant and addition of the Thermoclean CX100 powder will give you a satisfactory result.


Thermoclean CX100 should be applied once per shift of eight working hours of boiler at a rate of 200-300 gm per ton of coal or any solid fuel. This dose can be reduced to 200 gm per ton on regular use and so also the frequency of its use can be reduced. The husk based plants can use slightly less than the prescribed dosage.


  • 100% clinker removal for pipes and hardware
  • Better boiler efficiency on regular use
  • Clinker prevention
  • Long lifetime for Boilers/Furnaces/Gasifiers
  • Highly efficient
  • Effective in wide ranges of temperatures

Potential Users

  • Power Plants
  • Pipes and Boilers
  • Beverage Industry
  • Municipal Systems
  • Hotels

Handling : The Thermoclean CX100 is hygroscopic in nature. Should be therefore stored in cool dry place. When not in use, the container should be kept air tight. This is not flammable, but may support in combustion. Hence it should be kept away from heat, naked flame, sparks and acids.

Precaution : Thermoclean CX100 should not be used in naked skin. Contact with eyes and skin are to be avoided. In case of contact wash affected areas well with clean water. Flush liberally with cool water and get medical attention if the irritation persists or in case of serious skin injuries.

Minimum Order Quantity : 250 Kg

Price : Rs. 480/ Kg

Packaging Material : HDPE drums of 50 kg Capacity