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Supertherm K2R

Our company is a prominent Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of a world class fuel additive Supertherm K2R. The Supertherm K2R is used for Boilers, Gasifiers & Furnaces. The special formulations of Supertherm K2R help in improving combustion efficiency and therefore save coal with higher thermal output and environment by reducing emissions. We supply optimum quality Supertherm K2R in different parts of the world at competitive prices.

Key Beneficial Features

  • Substantial reduction in coal consumption
    • Reduction in coal consumption at minimum level of 10-15% which is tested and certified by IIT- Kanpur and as well patented. It is already being used by other industries and achieved coal reduction by 10-15 %.
  • Well Proven Track Record
    • Acclaimed and Certified for Excellent Performance by Various Industries (Certification may be provided on request to interested parties)
    • Production Increases approximately by 36% with additive in Gasifiers & Boilers.
    • Reduced Electricity Consumption due to less breakdown/stop over
    • Approximately 2% Burning loss is prevented in the final product (In case of Rolling Mills).
    • Other benefits include wear & tear of bearings, brass bush & pollution control equipment.
  • Technically feasible
    • Enhances Thermal output by 12-15%.
    • Increases combustion efficiency per unit of coal consumption
    • Promotes clean combustion technology
    • No adverse impact on combustion machinery/ equipment as well in quality of product.
  • Economical
    • Saving in coal consumption around 10-15 %
    • Reduction in power/ energy consumption for substituted coal handling.
    • Reduction in handling cost of substituted coal.
    • Reduction in air pollutants thus
      • Saving in operation and maintenance cost ofpollution control equipments.
      • Increase life of costly bag filters.
      • Reduction in fly ash generation thus relief from associated problems.
  • Environment Friendly
    • Reduces coal consumption by saving fossil fuel and able to get substantial carbon credit points.
    • Reduces emission of highly polluting gases such as NOx by 5-9 %.
    • Has a profound effect in reducing the trace metal quantities (8-27%) in the fly ash generated from the coal thereby improving the quality of flyash for further use.
      • Reduction in un-burnt Carbon in the fly ash converts potential loss of energy in 'C' particles
      • Reduces degradation of land caused by dumping of ash thereby helping ecology.
      • Reduces contamination of soil, groundwater maintaining ecological balance
  • Safe in use
    • Safer to equipment as well as to employees.
    • Non- hazardous substances
    • Material Safety Data Sheet is available.
  • No special modification is required
    • No special arrangement for its feeding into the process needs modification.
  • Tested and certified by lIT Kanpur & Patent
    • Comprehensive study by Team of Experts.

Patented Technology (Patent No: 503/del/2007, Ref. Patent Journal GoI 06/04/07)

Dosage : Very limited dose of 1 L/ton of coal is enough to give good and satisfactory result.

Suggested Use:  For best results, mix it properly with adequate amount of tap water & spray uniformly. This product can be used in all forms of coal and other solid fuels.

Caution: The product has chemically active compounds. Avoid direct contact with skin, eyes, nose and combustible substances.

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Liters

Price : Rs. 300/ Liter

Packaging Material : HDPE drums of 50 L Capacity