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Achintya Energy (P) Limited

Home for World Class Fuel Additive and Combustion Solutions


We are the manufacturer of World Class Fuel Additives and Combustion Scale Removers both of which are of paramount importance for efficient combustion.  Our first product is marketed as , "Supertherm K2R" which is a fuel additive. The second product is a combustion scale remover with the trade name as, "Thermclean CX100".


Supertherm K2R is classic example indigenous Research & Development, with a potential of world class combustion catalyst having applications for Boilers, Gasifiers & Furnaces. The special formulations of Supertherm K2R help in improving combustion efficiency of coal, enhances thermal out put of any combustion system by a margin of 12-15 %. Better combustion ensures lower emission and clean combustion.


Thermoclean CX100 is a complex mixture of various chemicals that helps in load removal and de-scaling of boilers, heaters and oil furnaces.  This is solid catalyst, which  vaporizes quickly in the combustible region of the boiler and its helps in loosening that deposits such as slag, soot and other metal oxide deposits which subsequently comes out of the rigid surfaces when cleaned manually by blowing or cleaning.