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Achintya Energy (P) Limited

Home for World Class Fuel Additive and Combustion Solutions


We, at Achintya Energy (P) Limited, formerly named as Achintya Gamut Organic (P) Limited, aspire to provide unimaginable indigenous solutions to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability through continuous research and development of new products with a very economical  ranges.

Our expertise lies in Fuel additives, Combustion Scale Removers. We also provide accessories like spray machinery and spare parts to the clients for the use of above needs.

Our breakthrough energy saving product, “Supertherm K2R” have brought us recognition and commendation from the big industries (Hindustan Uni Lever), steel sector, power plants,  boilers, furnaces and SMEs using coal as a fuel.

 This innovative product was developed by our skilled R &D personnel  in research collaboration (for testing) with Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.

Promising features: Saves Energy, Achieves Energy Efficiency, 12-15 % of Fuel Saving,  Lowers Emissions, Gets High Combustion Efficiency and Reduces trace metals in fly ash capability.